Casement Sash Window by Millar Woodcraft Northern Ireland

Casement Sash Window Northern IrelandBespoke Design & Custom Build

This is our own bespoke design and custom built Casement Sash Window. We are the first window manufacturer in Northern Ireland to create a window that looks like a traditional vintage sliding sash window from the outside but has the mechanics of a casement window.

Get the Same Look for a Cheaper Price

This design gives our customers the option of buying a window that has the appearance of a sliding sash window but costs less. The price is slightly more than a casement window price however is less than buying the traditional sliding sash window option.

Now Available!

Designed and built in our own workshop in 2013 for launch at the Self Build Show in the Kings Hall Belfast in early 2014.

If you didn’t get to the show to see the window for yourself you can visit our showroom outside Randalstown to find out more about it and see if for yourself. Contact us to make an appointment.



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Millar Woodcraft are based in Randalstown between the towns of Antrim and Ballymena in County Antrim Northern Ireland. Our products and services are available province wide. For more information on any of our staircases, internal doors or sliding sash casement windows please contact us.


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